Classroom Happenings in October

  • Infants/Toddlers
    • Themes – Thanksgiving, fall, and Halloween.
    • Color – Orange
    • Shape – Triangle
    • Songs – ‘if it’s fall’ and ‘5 Little Pumpkins
  • Preschool
    • Themes – Thanksgiving, fall, Fire safety, and Halloween.
    • Color – Orange
    • Shape – Triangle
    • Letter – B
    • Number – 5
    • Songs – – ‘if it’s fall’ and ‘5 little Pumpkins’
  • BAS – Themes – Thanksgiving, fall, and Halloween.

Covid 19 Announcements

  • Wearing a mask is again a requirement for entering the child care centre.
  • Being vaccinated is also a requirement for parents to enter the centre. If not, we will meet you at the front door.
  • If your child is ill and stays home for a day or 2, proof of a negative Covid test is NOT required to return to the centre.
  • We will still practice social distancing, frequent hand washing, sanitizing and cleaning.
  • Please keep your child at home if they are not well.

Important Dates/Reminders:

  • October 8 – Crazy Hair Day
  • October 11 – Thanksgiving – Centre Closed
  • October 18 – Pajama Day
  • October 29 – Halloween Party – 3:00 – 4:30
  • October 31 – Halloween

Oct 29th Halloween Party

Daycare Children – Please bring your child’s costume in a bag that they can put on later in the day.  We will assist your child with this.

BAS Children – If your child will be wearing a costume to school, they can wear it in the morning.  If not, then they can keep their costume in a bag here until party time. All treats given to the children here at the centre will be gluten and peanut free.

Parent Notices

  • Please ensure that your child has sun screen, a warm jacket and a hat for outdoor time.
  • Please label all your child’s belongings to assist with things not being lost or mistakenly taken by another child.

We wish ERIC a very Happy Birthday on October 20th.